Happy New Year! =D

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! Remember to stick to your new year resolutions XD!!!


Clear Blue Dilemna

I’m faced with this dilemna right now… Should I do the V gundam in blue or clear? I already did the core fighter with the V gundam head in clear. Hmm…

Kudos to Dalong.net for the pics!

Merry Gundam Christmas!!!

Hi Readers,

Merry Gundam Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! =D

MG Victory Gundam Finally!!!

Update: I’ve managed to get my hands on this kit, with the clear plastic prize parts. The clear parts are a copy of the blue parts. I’m looking forward to building it and reviewing it in the near future!

This is some real great news!

MG Victory Gundam has been announced! A MG kit from Victory gundam! Something that we have been waiting forever since many moons ago! I do think that the boxart looks a little weird though ^_^”. Note that it comes with the original head design, as well as the Hexa head. Cool!



Kudos to Ngee Khiong!

Xnumbers Was Killed While Testing His Gundam

Just kidding ^_^”! Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Don’t worry, I’ve still got reviews waiting to be rolled out! Things got really busy for me recently! Thanks for viewing!

It doesn’t mean we’re up to no good when we’re not posting. Keep this in mind when you miss us.

This should probably be a filler post because I haven’t really had time to type anything. Even arts students get busy sometimes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I should occupy myeslf with something more literary, really.

ANYWAY. I’d thought I’d share my gunpla wishlist.


Astray Red Frame
-Well. Of course I prefer the PG, but cost is always a consideration.

Tieren Ground type
-Well. Really detailed. It looks like a sturdy build too.

Astray Gold Frame Amatsu

-eh. Gold and black works really well. And the design really is reminiscent of noble stuffage. you know, with the cloak like appendages on the back, those power draining claws.

0 Gundam battle equipped.

-I just like the idea and the parade colours.

Trans-am Exia (yeah go go!) and Exia R2

-well its Exia. Ha ha ha. Really crisp lines and the focus on melee just makes you feel great.

I’d really hope they come up with more Enact kits too.

Suille Palace Guard Enact (or i’ll mod it myself.)
that landstriker Enact thing Klaus uses


Verde Buster, Blaze Zaku Phantom
-I don’t know, I think the SEED and Destiny SDs were something like the best SD kits achieved. I can’t get over the fixed joint arms in the 00 SD kits


-When it gets released in July. Definitely. I put off the 1/100 exia because I knew this would happen.


-Well. I’m running out of steam here because I’m not really sure why I want destiny anyway.

Force Impulse
– oh haha, maybe the MG kits might be impulse buys, oh, wow, bad pun.



Mechanical Chain Base
Action Stand 2 Black

I risk sounding retarded compared to xnumbers, really.

break from hiatus

It is I! Brazen Folly! Likewise I have new kits to review. They’ll appear pretty soon.

1/144 00 Mr Bushido’s Ahead!

1/144 00 GN-X E.F.F. type

afterwards don’t expect anything in about 12 weeks. I don’t make promises I can’t fufill, so don’t worry. I won’t appear so quickly.

and I need a camera with which I can take better photos with. mmmph.